The Relationship Between the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio and The Institute at St. John's 

The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio was established in 1818 and was the first Episcopal Diocese created outside of the original 13 colonies. St. John's congregation was originally part of Trinity Church, built in 1816. But when Trinity Church, now Trinity Cathedral, moved to its current location, at Euclid and E. 21st, the members who chose not to move offered services out of their homes before establishing St. John's Episcopal Church in Ohio City, which was completed in 1838. 

As the headquarters for the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio, Trinity Cathedral and St. John's have a long history. In addition to their shared past, the immense historical and architectural legacy of St. John's made it a worthy endeavor after the Church could no longer support itself due to congregational and neighborhood change. In 2007, The Diocese created a set of Trustees in lieu of a Vestry so that St. John's, in its entirety, could be preserved. 

The Dioceses, through the Trustees and the Vicar, worked together with the community, through The Friends of John's and other community groups, to gather vital information regarding what the surrounding community needed and how St. John's could be incorporated, not only as a place of worship but as a needed space for various community discussions and activities. 

As an Episcopal Church, St. John's will always be a place of worship and refuge. And the Diocese supports The Institute, a separate non-profit from the Church, in various ways, while recognizing that a congregation might never reform at St. John's. It is recognized that the work of The Institute is the work of the Church. 

The best way to visualize The Institute at St. John's and St. John's Episcopal Church is to picture a venn diagram. Some things are strictly secular and others strictly sacred but the Vicar and the Program and Facility Director work together for the betterment of the community surrounding St. John's.