Looking for a space to host your event? Look no further!

If you already know our event details (found below), feel free to contact us as soon as possible!

If you are a parish, commission, or committee associated with the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio seeking a place to conduct business, you are not subject to any event deposit or fee. However, we do ask that you fill out a registration form!  

Please be aware that making a request does not confirm your event.

We currently do not host weddings, wedding receptions, or funerals. 

The Parish Hall

Can fit up to 100 comfortably at tables, 150 auditorium style.

The beautiful stain glassed windows are westward facing, making this a great space for evening events! This space includes a stage, upright piano, air-conditioning and heat, fans, and multiple types of lighting options. 

The Nave (Church)

Can fit 200 in pews; pews not removable

The beautiful dark wood contrasts with the peeling white plaster walls. The beauty in the age of our building is best seen in the Nave! This space includes the sanctuary ( or a stage area), baby grand piano, heat, and lighting. The organ is currently not playable ... we are working that! 

Thank you for thinking of us while you are in the process of planning your next event!

Here is some helpful information for you while you decide if St. John's is the perfect location. Due to a lack of resources and only two staff members, we ask this of all who wish to host an event here:

  • While we can provide chairs (approx. 60 plastic) and tables (7 round), you will be responsible for set-up and tear-down of your event. Although Kelly and Megan will most likely be there to help out in any way they can! If we cannot accommodate your needs, it is the responsibility of the event organizer (that means, you) to obtain what is needed for chairs and tables. 
  • We have multiple trash cans and recycle bins throughout the building, you will be responsible for making sure that all of the trash from your event has been cleaned up and put into the dumpster and for taking the recycling afterwards. 
  • There is no kitchen here at St. John's, so any kind of catering will have to discussed and determined on a case-by-case basis. Boxed lunches are one thing but catering an event that requires tableware, prep and storage space, ovens, industrial sinks, etc. is a whole 'nother ball game! 
  • Alcohol is allowed at your event but we ask that you also provide equal opportunity for people to chose non-alcoholic beverages -AND- designate a "supervisor" of sorts to make sure that all of your guests are safe to drive home and be watchful if minors will be attending your event. 

Let's talk money ... 

In general we ask for a deposit, that may be returned in full after an inspection is made by the Program and Facilities Director or the Vicar. If for any reason a deposit might not be returned in full we will reach out to you and have a chat before the final decision is made.  

  • All events using the Parish Hall -OR- the Church requires a $100 deposit. 
  • All events using both the Parish Hall and Church requires a $200 deposit. 
  • All events will require a $75 custodial fee. 
  • If an event requires an admission charge, if more than $500 is collected you must pay a 10% "gate charge." 

  • 1-20 people, $100 fee
  • 21-80 people, $100-$160 fee
  • 81-100 people, $170-$200 fee
  • 101-200 people, $210-$400 fee
  • 201-999 people, $400-$1,800 fee 

We are a small organization, with a small budget. So we understand money doesn't grow on trees. If you'd like to host an event at St. John's but need some wiggle room, do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss possibilities!

Please be aware that making a request does not confirm your event. 

We currently do not host weddings, wedding receptions, or funerals.