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Les Delices: Open Rehearsal!

Everyone is welcome to come to this interesting and inviting event! Come, listen and watch a professional music group practice and play. This is a free event open to all ages of people, neighbors and those who might travel from across town or further. All are welcome!

These words are directly from their website:

"Les Délices rehearses Machaut’s Remède de Fortune in anticipation of their weekend concerts. A medieval musical-poetic masterpiece, the Remède relates the story of a bumbling lover who – with help from Hope and by Fortune’s good grace – ultimately gets the girl. Presented in collaboration with Boston’s Blue Heron ensemble (Scott Metcalfe, director) with 3 singers and 3 instrumentalists with supertitles and projected imagery.

Les Délices is excited to announce plans a new residency at St. John’s Church in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood.  Open Rehearsals are totally informal: folks can just stop in and gain a fresh perspective on creative artists’ working process"

 Les Delices perform at St. John's.

Les Delices perform at St. John's.