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Cleveland Public Theatre presents STEP - Awakening Heart

What is STEP?

 Cleveland Public Theatre's celebrated Student Theatre Enrichment Program (STEP) is Cleveland's longest-running arts and job training program for urban teens. STEP returns to Cleveland city parks this summer, celebrating its 22nd year with an original new play, Awakening Heart.

Created and performed by the STEP 2016 ensemble, Awakening Heart is a reimagining of civilization's oldest known epic, the tale of Gilgamesh. In this ancient Sumerian text, a mighty king - part-god, part-man - must confront his own heart and humanity, hidden behind a wall of wealth and power. Gilgamesh meets his match in earthy Enkidu, and their clash propels Gilgamesh into a world of Goddesses, Gods, Spirits, Rebels, Lovers, Death and the Keeper of the Elixir of Life. Woven with original dance and song, Awakening Heart features the creativity of Cleveland youth as they find their voice, speak truth to power, and affirm the greater human pursuit for connection, love and life.