Station Hope
6:30 pm18:30

Station Hope

Liberation. Hope. Freedom. These three words are packed full of meaning and emotion. This Saturday, April 29th Cleveland Public Theatre leads a momentous event (4th annual) at St. John's connecting us back to the history of the Underground Railroad AND inviting us into the contemporary struggles people face along the journey to freedom and hope that sustain and motivate us.

Hundreds of artists, of all ages, come to share their story which connects to the larger story. Artists of many kinds including: musicians, singers, dancers, spoken word artists, poets and... all come together for this interactive and inspiring event. Station Hope is free, open to ALL people and appropriate for families and people of any age. There will be parking in different lots around St. John's campus, there will be food trucks, a wheel chair ramp and performances will take place both inside and outside, rain or shine. 

We hope you come and bring friends to this amazing and one of a kind event where people of all different backgrounds and perspectives are welcome! Come to a place and event where you will learn something, get to know a new person and get inspired to be a positive change in your neighborhood, work environment and the world! 

You can visit Cleveland Public Theatre's website to learn more about Station Hope!

3:00 pm15:00

EVENT RESCHEDULED! Author and speaker Ronald BB Shavers visits and speaks at St. John's

  • St. John's Episcopal Church

*Apologies for this notice being late but the event scheduled for this afternoon is rescheduled for another day this spring or early summer. More details will follow! 


All are welcome to attend this free event! It is especially suitable for families, but anyone should feel free to come as they are. Here is a description from the event's coordinator:

"Join us as community organizer Ronald BB Shavers shares the story of his origins in Lynchburg, VA and how he has built power and positivity in his hometown since returning from the correctional system. Shavers will read excerpts from his recently published autobiography, "The Ronald BB Shavers Story: A Story of Redemption."

All are welcome! Event will be held in the church and there is street parking on Church Ave. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Rev. Kelly Aughenbaugh at 216-673-3974 or 

Hope you can come!!

Les Delices: Open Rehearsal!
6:30 pm18:30

Les Delices: Open Rehearsal!

Everyone is welcome to come to this interesting and inviting event! Come, listen and watch a professional music group practice and play. This is a free event open to all ages of people, neighbors and those who might travel from across town or further. All are welcome!

These words are directly from their website:

"Les Délices rehearses Machaut’s Remède de Fortune in anticipation of their weekend concerts. A medieval musical-poetic masterpiece, the Remède relates the story of a bumbling lover who – with help from Hope and by Fortune’s good grace – ultimately gets the girl. Presented in collaboration with Boston’s Blue Heron ensemble (Scott Metcalfe, director) with 3 singers and 3 instrumentalists with supertitles and projected imagery.

Les Délices is excited to announce plans a new residency at St. John’s Church in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood.  Open Rehearsals are totally informal: folks can just stop in and gain a fresh perspective on creative artists’ working process"

Les Delices perform at St. John's.

Les Delices perform at St. John's.

1:00 pm13:00

13th Film showing and panel discussion

Please join us at St.John's for a community viewing of the film: 13th THIS SATURDAY! Event is free and open to anyone (recommended 12 years and older) who is open to learning about the 13th amendment to the United State's Constitution and how there are still people who suffer unfairly and are enslaved today. 

Come for learning, come for discussion and come for community. There will be some refreshments- baklava from Nate's Deli in Ohio City, cookies and fruit from Dave's Market and tea and coffee. 

7:30 pm19:30

The Syndicate for The New Arts Presents Ogni Suono

The following information is from The Syndicate for The New Arts Facebook Events page:

The Syndicate for The New Arts presents:

Ogni Suono Saxophone Duo
Noa Even & Phil Pierick, saxophones

St. John's Ohio City
2600 Church Ave. in Cleveland

Free, donations are appreciated

My Manifesto and Me (2016) // Christopher Dietz (b. 1977)
dare-gale, speaks and spells (2016) // Zach Sheets (b. 1991)
Clamor (2016) // Erin Rogers (b. 1980)
Ototoi (2015) // Kate Soper (b. 1981)
Isto Ista (2016) // Ruby Fulton (b. 1981)
Ask (2015) // David Coll (b. 1980)

SaxoVoce is a long-term commissioning project exploring the wide-ranging musical, dramatic, and theatrical possibilities inherent in the synthesis of saxophone and voice. Each piece takes on a life of its own. Join us for an adventurous program of new music full of bombast, humor, subtlety, and more!

Kate Soper’s Ototoi uses the two players, their instruments and their voices, to dramatize the dialogue between the terror of the future and the dread of the present expressed in Aeschylus' Agamemnon. 

Full of instrumental racket, vocal noise, and sounds from somewhere-in-between, Erin Rogers’ Clamor is an oversaturation of human and instrument. 

Inspired by the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Zach Sheets uses the contours of the performers’ voices as seeds from which the melodic shapes bloom in his dare-gale, speaks and spells. 

In My Manifesto and Me, Chris Dietz maintains the structure of the “Rifleman’s Creed,” part of the U.S. Marine Corps doctrine, while changing much of the content. 

The title of Ruby Fulton's Isto Ista comes from a Croatian saying for "same same." The music explores the vulnerable relationship between what is imagined (the vocal parts) and what is real (the saxophone parts), taking rhythmic inspiration from the Haitian Vodou drumming tradition.

The performers become actors in a quasi-nonsensical argument that devolves into absurdity in David Coll’s Ask.

Formed by American saxophonists Noa Even and Phil Pierick in 2009, Ogni Suono is committed to expanding and promoting repertoire for saxophone duo by commissioning and performing new works. Their album, Invisible Seams, features some of the duo’s first collaborations with composers. Supported by a grant from New Music USA, Noa and Phil launched SaxoVoce in 2015, a long-term project exploring the wide-ranging ways of synthesizing saxophone and voice. Contributing composers include Kate Soper, Felipe Lara, Ruby Fulton, and Chris Fisher-Lochhead. 

Ogni Suono has appeared on concert series such as Permutations (New York City), Journeys in Sound (Boston), Outpost (University of California-Riverside), Switchboard Presents (San Francisco), SONICT (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), Frequency (Chicago), Take 4 (University of Windsor), and ADJ-ective (Toledo). The duo’s international performances include the inaugural Singapore Saxophone Symposium, Romanian-American Musical Days Festival in Sibiu (Romania), Berlin University of the Arts, Felicja Blumental Music Center in Tel Aviv, Night of the Museums Festival in Budapest, Songkhla Rajabhat University (Thailand), and World Saxophone Congresses in Scotland and France. 

Emphasizing the importance of education, Noa and Phil regularly supplement performances with clinics, master classes, community outreach programs, and presentations. They have been guest clinicians at many leading institutions, including Lawrence Conservatory, Stanford University, University of Houston, New England Conservatory, Western University (Canada), and San Francisco Conservatory of Music. As recipients of a CMS Yamaha-in-Residence Fellowship, Ogni Suono presented outreach programs in the Iowa City, IA community. They have offered additional educational events at Lincoln Elementary School in Chicago, Orlat Orphanage in Romania, and School of Arts and Enterprise in Pomona, CA.

Please visit for more information

2:00 pm14:00

Annual Winter Seed Swap

This event is free and open to all gardeners!

Join us on National Seed Swap Day to share your seeds, your knowledge, and your enthusiasm with other gardeners, urban farmers and seed saving enthusiasts.

No seeds required!  Connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about saving seeds and sharing their seed stories. Come and swap heirloom seeds, rhizomes, roots, and tubers with other gardeners across our bioregion. Learn, network and prepare for the gardening season ahead.

Bring your sourdough starters, cheese and yogurt cultures, kefir grains and kombucha scoby to share.

Come to St. John's Episcopal Church on 26th and Church Ave. in Cleveland, OH! 

7:00 pm19:00

Christmas Lessons and Music with Les Delices

Les Delices

Les Delices

“Les Délices, a Cleveland-based ensemble led by the oboist Debra Nagy: thematically concise, richly expressive…Concerts and recordings by Les Délices are journeys of discovery.” The New York Times, 2015

St. John’s in Ohio City and Les Delices are partnering to present a Christmas celebration with Scripture, Music, and Prayer.

Hear Scripture from the Old and New Testaments intertwined with beautiful music performed by Les Delices.

O Come All Ye Faithful, What Child is This and other beloved carols will be heard on December 23rd at St. John's Ohio City at our FREE Christmas Lessons and Music celebration.

 Bring family and friends!! All are welcome to this community and church event. Tickets not necessary. Cookies, cider and conversation with the musicians after in the parish hall.

7:00 pm19:00

The Syndicate For The New Arts and Cleveland Composers Guild Concert

On Sunday, December 4th at 7 PM The Syndicate For The New Arts and Cleveland Composers Guild present chamber works by:

Margi Griebling Haigh - "Cipher for solo harp"
Jeffrey Quick - "The Great Hunger"
Bill Rayer - "Dreamland"
Robert Rollin - "Rainforest Echoes"
Matthew Saunders - "Lady Glides on the Moon"
Dolores White - "Fugue Odyssey"
Frank Wiley - "Awakenings of Earth and Time"

All pieces performed by members of The Syndicate for the New Arts:

Aram Mun (flute), Noa Even (saxophone), Justin Gunter (percussion), Hunter Brown (percussion), Louis Pino (percussion), Joshua Rosner (guitar), Caitlin Mehrtens (harp), Henry Jenkins (violin) 

Performances will be held in the Sanctuary
Admission is free
Hosted by the St. John's Institute at St. John's Episcopal Church  

4:00 pm16:00

`Runway Freedom - A Multicultural Fashion Show

In partnership with US Together Inc., Renee Jones Empowerment Center is proud to host Runway Freedom Multicultural Fashion Show.

A fundraiser to promote cultural diversity and spread human trafficking awareness locally and globally.Come learn how you can get involved in the fight against human trafficking!


Cleveland Public Theatre presents STEP - Awakening Heart
5:00 pm17:00

Cleveland Public Theatre presents STEP - Awakening Heart

What is STEP?

 Cleveland Public Theatre's celebrated Student Theatre Enrichment Program (STEP) is Cleveland's longest-running arts and job training program for urban teens. STEP returns to Cleveland city parks this summer, celebrating its 22nd year with an original new play, Awakening Heart.

Created and performed by the STEP 2016 ensemble, Awakening Heart is a reimagining of civilization's oldest known epic, the tale of Gilgamesh. In this ancient Sumerian text, a mighty king - part-god, part-man - must confront his own heart and humanity, hidden behind a wall of wealth and power. Gilgamesh meets his match in earthy Enkidu, and their clash propels Gilgamesh into a world of Goddesses, Gods, Spirits, Rebels, Lovers, Death and the Keeper of the Elixir of Life. Woven with original dance and song, Awakening Heart features the creativity of Cleveland youth as they find their voice, speak truth to power, and affirm the greater human pursuit for connection, love and life.